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Attention Entrepreneurs Who Feel Exhausted, Fatigued, and Lack Motivation... And Up Until Now, Have Been Unable To Figure Out Why:

You Are About To Discover This PROVEN System That Fuels Your Brain And Body For Entrepreneurial Success - Starting Today!

drcarriFrom The Desk Of:
Dr. Carri Drzyzga, The Functional Medicine Doc

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Let's start with a statistic that is certain to open your eyes to why you're so exhausted - even if you believe you're getting enough sleep, eating right, and keeping up with your exercise.

Right now, insufficient sleep is considered a public health epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In fact, according to the recent CDC Study:

An Estimated 50-70 Million US Adults
(15-22% of The Total Population)
Have Sleep Or Wakefulness Disorder


Source: CDC

Speaking as someone who understands the entrepreneur's dilemma - what it means to either be "chief, cook, and bottle washer" and/or be responsible for ensuring the career livelihood of others who work for you...

...I think it's fair to speculate that this segment of the population includes a disproportionately large number of entrepreneurs.

When people sleep less than 5 hours a night on a consistent basis, it doubles your mortality.

It doubles your rate of death. It affects every part of your body, including lowering your immune system.

It increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

And for entrepreneurs, this epidemic impacts your productivity and your profits every single day because it impairs your brain.

Here's what is commonly missed (or misunderstood) in the field of entrepreneurial coaching:

It’s NOT A Question Of Whether You Have The Right "Mindset" To Succeed At Business!

entrepreneurial-mindsetBusiness success coaches and life coaches work with their clients (like you) on developing your success mindset.

Focus on your vision, build a team to dig your ditches for you, raise your rates, fire your worst clients, attend lots of seminars, and live at the intersection of your passion and your brilliance...

...and your mindset will improve to drive your success, they say.

To a degree, they're right. But...

What about entrepreneurs who DO all those things, and more? They know they have the right mindset, but they’re still bored, distracted, tired, and unmotivated!

Is this you?

As a Functional Medicine doctor, I focus on finding the cause.

See, much of what we think might be a problem with “mindset” is actually driven by your brain chemistry.

Think about that for a moment.

Could It Be That Your Problems With Entrepreneurial Fatigue Are All In Your Head – Literally?

entreprenreurial-fatigue-in-your-headI don't mean "in your head" in the sense that it's in your imagination, and all you need to do is "suck it up" and get moving.

Rather, as in, there’s something chemically going on – that could be fixed with a few simple adjustments once we truly come to understand what’s going on.

It doesn’t matter, not now, that you’ve “tried everything” and still, you feel unmotivated in, disengaged, from – and, well – sick and tired of your business.

Nor is it important that you may have looked into functional medicine solutions but not followed through, for the reasons that made sense for you at that particular time.

What I am about to show you provides you the tools you need to

Reclaim Your Entrepreneurial Energy And Shine In Your Business, During "Crunch Time" As Well As Standard Business Hours

The ability to manage your energy levels is something many doctors and health coaches say they can offer.  Granted - credit where due - most of what they say IS valid and helpful at a certain level.

Yet, who else is showing you

  • How poor brain health cause things like mental fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, depression and anxiety, and what you can do to keep your brain sharp and focused
  • The best diet for great brain health – how to eat healthy and boost your success levels
  • How stress contributes to poor brain health, fatigue, brain fog, depression, and anxiety, and what you can do to help keep stress levels in check
  • Why exercise (the thing that get sacrified first when things get hectic) is important for health, and some powerful ways you, as an entrepreneur, can add exercise to your already busy life
  • What vitamin supplements can help with boosting brain health
  • Step-by-step, how to organize your sleeping space to get you the restful, energizing sleep you need to take on the day as an entrepreneur
  • Easy-to-implement things that will boost your energy levels, give you more brain clarity, and help sharpen your memory within the next 30 days

Even though you may already be getting to bed earlier, keeping the room dark, eating right, and “firing” the stressful situations (and people) that stress you out and wear you down...

...chances are these things have not restored your entrepreneurial energy, at least not the way you’d like it to be.

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That’s Why I Invite You To Join Me And Claim Your Access To My Brand-New "Entrepreneurial Fatigue" Program

EF-Binder3d450Listen: as we've already seen, entrepreneurs are told to get more sleep, build a virtual team, take more time off, and fire annoying clients.  Do these things, they are told, and they’ll stop feeling so tired.

Or, maybe that well-meaning “tough love” coach will tell you to just deal with it.

Hey, all of this is great; but when you’re dragging and lagging to the point where you can’t remember why you clicked "New Message" in your e-mail - much less who you were planning to send that e-mail to - we’ve got a problem.

Now, since you've read this far, you already realize this course puts my 20+ years experience to work for YOU so you can:

  • Become sharper, have more focus and more creativity as an entrepreneur;
  • Fuel your brain and body for entrepreneurial success;
  • Powerfully handle life’s stresses while you’re building and running your business; and
  • Stop saying "I’ll sleep when I’m dead" because that’s no way to live!
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Does this sound like something you'd like to see more of, as you continue your entrepreneurial journey?

Here's How The “Entrepreneurial Fatigue” Program Gets You These Results So You Have The Energy You Need To Succeed

As I’m sharing all the ways this program will really benefit you, I just want to say, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important that only happens in a way that feels good and right for you, because you can imagine benefiting from this for all your own reasons.

So please, ask for anything that supports you, knowing that inside Entrepreneurial Fatigue, we are going to show you:

  • The four main neurotransmitters in the brain – the chemicals that keep everything going – and how deficiency or imbalance between them is literally reaching into your pocket and pulling out your hard-earned money;
  • Three things your entrepreneurial brain needs – oxygen, glucose, and stimulation – and how to get the required daily amounts of each;
  • How to optimize your sleeping environment – including space, lighting, supplements, and more – to get out of the insufficient sleep epidemic and get a full nights’ EFFECTIVE rest;
  • The Ultimate Brain Energy Smoothie you can prepare in just minutes, that optimizes your brain function so you can be more effective in your business;
  • A natural “five hour energy” formula that gets you past the “after lunch blahs” and gives you that boost of energy that keeps your brain going ’till quitting time (WITHOUT the crash that comes after);
  • Some easy-to-do “10 Minute Exercises” you can complete anytime – at home or at the office – so the line to get into the gym is no longer a factor stopping you from brain-charigng exercise;
  • Two great meditations designed to power your brain while removing another huge cause of entrepreneurial fatigue – stress;
  • And much, much more!
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Most of all, in less than 90 minutes you will come away with:

An Exact Formula To Dramatically
Increase Your Entrepreneurial Energy
(In Just 30 Days Or Less)

energy-resultsWhen you’re able to see progress early-on, you’re that much more likely to stick with something.

I want to see you successful, energized, and functioning at full capacity in your business, no longer weighed down by entrepreneurial fatigue.

When you finish this program (it’s just 90 minutes to complete!), you will have an action plan you can implement TODAY...

...and start seeing results TOMORROW when you do two things:

  • Pick up the supplements I go through in the program and incorporate them into your daily regimen
  • Optimize your sleep space as I describe in this program (it will cost you maybe $20 and you can set it up in 20 minutes).
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Seeing what you will be getting, you may find yourself asking:

"How Do I Get My Hands On This Amazing Entrepreneurial Fatigue Program Right Now?"

The great news for you is this: the entire Entrepreneurial Fatigue program is stored inside a "TOP SECRET" members' area.

Within moments of claiming your VIP access now, you will gain a username and password that lets you log in right away.

The course consists of just two audio files (each about 45 minutes) and a complete "read as you listen" transcript for even more profound understanding, and even faster immediate action.

That's right - in less than two hours you can attain mastery of the Entrepreneurial Fatigue system and be on your way to exponentially more power and success in your business.

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Now that we've covered that - and shown you what the members' area looks like in the screenshot above - you may be asking...

"What Is The Investment For Me To Claim My Instant Access Today?"

Because this program is structured to get you FAST results, with specific action items you can implement TODAY, it could easily start putting money back in your pocket by tomorrow morning.

Many entrepreneurs I've interviewed report losing out on thousands of dollars per month of billable activity because they're just too damn tired to work.

What's the value of one hour of your time?

At least $300?  $500?  $1,000 or more?

No matter what, you will find it extremely valuable to know....

Your Investment Today: Just $97.00

Plus, you will see we offer a convenient payment plan that lets you get started today, with full access, for just a fraction of that as your down payment.

Get Started Right Now For Just $97

AND, I am offering you the following (time-sensitive)

Four Fast-Action Bonuses, Worth Well Over $1,338, That Will Even Further Energize Your Decision To Take Action Now

Just imagine the even greater results you will achieve with:

Bonus #1:
Three "Energy Booster" Special Reports And Guides
(Value: $397)

free-reportsThese bonus reports are some of the most popular offerings I've ever made. They give you the opportunity to "dive deep" into the issues and opportunities directly related to YOUR situation, and include:

* A Consumer Awareness Guide to Functional Medicine

* Bonus Report: Fatigue Factors 9 to 14

* Six Truths You Need to Hear About Natural Treatments for Fatigue

They are included in the master PDF (download version) and the printed transcript (hardcopy bonus version) right after the transcript of the Entrepreneurial Fatigue program, as Tabs #2, #3, and #5.

Bonus #2:
Bonus Resource Goals, Checklists and Self Tests
(Value: $397)

checklistsThese guides and checklists break some of the key Entrepreneurial Fatigue concepts into easy-to-implement, bullet-point lists that help you:

* Recognize when your neurotransmitters are out of balance;

* Know if you're drinking enough water and consuming enough protein;

* Make the "Ultimate Brain Energy Smoothie";

* Complete the stress-reducing "Color Breathing" and "Four Square Breathing" meditations;

* Practice "good sleep" hygeine and complete "10 minute" exercises;

* And much more!

They are included in the master PDF (download version) and the printed transcript (hardcopy bonus version) right after the transcript of the Entrepreneurial Fatigue program, as Tab #6.

Bonus #3:
Three Chapters From My "Reclaim Your Energy" Book
(Value: $47)

reclaim-your-energy-and-feel-normal-again-book03Taken straight from my internationally acclaimed book, Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again (June 2015), these chapters will show you:

* A Personalized, Cause-of-Symptom Approach to Health Care

* A Distinction between Natural Medicine and Functional Medicine

* Real Stories from Real Women with Fatigue

* The Eight Leading Causes ("Fatigue Factors") of Fatigue

* And much more!

They are included in the master PDF (download version) and the printed transcript (hardcopy bonus version) right after the transcript of the Entrepreneurial Fatigue program, as Tab #4.

Bonus #4:
My Complete "Entrepreneurial Energy" Video Series
(Value: $497)

carri-d-vidsMany of you who are reading this page have seen my wildly popular, 3-part "Entrepreneurial Energy" video series.

These videos will only be available to the public for a limited time - so people have been asking how they can go back and watch them again after I take them off my website.

When you claim the Entrepreneurial Fatigue program now, you will gain permanent access to all 3 (make that 4) videos:

* The Fatigue Timeline: How To Solve The Puzzle Of Your Fatigue Case In Just A Few Minutes

* Causes Of Fatigue: An Outline Of The Most Common Causes Of Fatigue (That Could Have Started Years Ago)

* Getting Better Sleep: My Simple, Secret Weapon That Gets You A Great Night's Sleep

* PLUS, my Ultimate Brain Energy Smoothie Video, otherwise available ONLY to folks who purchased my Reclaim Your Energy book

These are ONLY available online, inside the members' area, on the menu bar item called "Entrepreneurial Energy Videos".

ALL of these bonuses are available right now when you:

Get Started Right Now For Just $97

It’s Decision Time... Either You're Going To Claim Your Energy And Focus And Be A Sharper, More Energetic (And More Successful) Entrepreneur, Or You're Not!

Please ask yourself these final three questions:

  • How much more could you get done this afternoon if you weren't feeling so tired?
  • Could you serve your customers better if you were fully alert and energized?
  • Would having more revenue and profits as a result of increased energy and focus, reduce your stress?
Get Started Right Now For Just $97

We would hope that whatever business you’re in, an hour of your time is at least $97 - whether that's your billable rate directly, or how much money your business loses for every hour you're not 100% present and active.

Is it worth it, then, to discover how to overcome entrepreneurial fatigue and be more energized, focused, and balanced, knowing you can take the first steps TODAY?

When you click the YES button, you'll be taken by the hand and walked through the fast-and-easy process for claiming your access to the Entrepreneurial Fatigue System, and setting up your username and password so you can claim the full course material right away.

And rest assured: if you try the Entrepreneurial Fatigue Program and decide within one full year of today's investment it's not for you, just e-mail me and I'll get your full investment right back to you.

"YES, Dr. Carri, I'm Ready To Claim For Myself This PROVEN System That Fuels My Body And Brain For Entrepreneurial Success!"

Just go here to confirm your exclusive, very limited time VIP access pass (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online order):

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(Instant online access and hard-copy options, plus payment plans, are available on the next page...)

If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, we’re ready to help! E-mail for fast assistance.

I look forward to helping you on your journey toward ultimate entrepreneurial success.

All the best and have a great day!


Dr. Carri Drzyzga
The Functional Medicine Doc

P.S. Remember, the introductory pricing, and the free hard-copy along with the instant online access, and the opportunity to join me for a live group coaching call - all are available for a strictly limited time only.

But knowing that you could put thousands of dollars back into your bank account through increased productivity and energy by then, why would you wait one more minute?

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P.P.S. When you finish listening to the audio and reading through the transcript and bonuses, you’ll have a strategy for overcoming entrepreneurial fatigue unlike anything else out there – which will keep you going while others ask how you do it! And trust me, if there's ever a good time to overcome entrepreneurial fatigue, it's now!

With every minute counting, you want the confidence of knowing you have this area of your life handled, and the Entrepreneurial Fatigue program is exactly what you need to stop feeling so sick and tired when you need to be running your business.

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